vercel <path to project>

CLI Interface for


path to projectfolders


deployPerforms a deployment (default)
devStart a local development server
envManages the Environment Variables for your current Project
initInitialize an example project
listLists deployments
lsLists deployments
inspectDisplays information related to a deployment
loginLogs into your account or creates a new one
logoutLogs out of your account
switchSwitches between teams and your personal account
helpDisplays complete help for [cmd]
rmRemoves a deployment
removeRemoves a deployment
domainsManages your domain names
dnsManages your DNS records
certsManages your SSL certificates
secretsManages your global Secrets, for use in Environment Variables
logsDisplays the logs for a deployment
teamsManages your teams
whoamiShows the username of the currently logged in user
aliasApply custom domains based on git branches, or other heuristics
linkLinks your local directory to a Project
billingManage payment methods


-h, --helpOutput usage information
-v, --versionOutput the version number
-V, --platform-versionSet the platform version to deploy to
-A, --local-config <arg>Path to the local 'vercel.json' file
-Q, --global-config <arg>Path to the global '.vercel' directory
-d, --debugProvides more verbose output
-f, --forceForce a new deployment even if nothing has changed
-with-cacheRetain build cache when using --force
-t, --token <auth token>Execute command with an auth token
-p, --publicDeployment is public ('/_src' is exposed)
-e, --envInclude an env var during run time (e.g.: '-e KEY=value'). Can appear many times
-b, --build-envSimilar to `--env` but for build time only
-m, --metaAdd metadata for the deployment (e.g.: `-m KEY=value`). Can appear many times
-C, --no-clipboardDo not attempt to copy URL to clipboard
-S, --scope <team name>Set a custom scope
--regionsSet default regions to enable the deployment on
--prodCreate a production deployment
-c, --confirmConfirm default options and skip questions