A Highly Extensible Platform Engine based on Kubernetes and Open Application Model


showShow the reference doc for component, trait or workflow types
envManage environments for vela applications to run
initCreate scaffold for vela application
upDeploy one application
clusterManage Kubernetes Clusters for Continuous Delivery
workflowOperate the Workflow during Application Delivery
addonManage addons for extension
uischema, uiManage UI schema for addons
defManage X-Definition for addons
registryManage Registry of X-Definitions for extension
component, comp, componentsList component types installed and discover more registry
trait, traitsList trait types installed and discover more in registry
uninstallUninstalls KubeVela from a Kubernetes cluster
installInstalls KubeVela into a Kubernetes cluster
completionOutput shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh). The shell code must be evaluated to provide interactive completion of vela commands
exportExport deploy manifests from appfile or application
versionPrints the version


--help, -hShow help for vela