v <file>

The V Programming Language


fileThe file to compile


runCompile and run the program
crunCompile if executable inexistent or not updated and run the program
watchWatch the file for changes and recompile
newSetup the file structure for a V project (in a sub folder)
initSetup the file structure for an already existing V project
testRun all test files in the provided directory
fmtFormat the V code provided
vetReport suspicious code constructs
docGenerate documentation for a V module
vlib-docsGenerate and open the documentation of all the vlib modules
replRun the REPL
whereFind and print the location of current project declarations
symlinkCreate a symbolic link for V
upRun the V self-updater
selfRun the V self-compiler
helpDisplay help for V


--help, -hShow help for V
version, --version, -vShow V installed version