typos [path...]

Source code spelling correction


pathfilepaths, folders


-c, --config <path>Custom config file
--isolatedIgnore implicit configuration files
--diffPrint a diff of what would change
-w, --write-changesWrite fixes out
--filesDebug: Print each file that would be spellchecked
--identifiersDebug: Print each identifier that would be spellchecked
--wordsDebug: Print each word that would be spellchecked
--dump-config <path>Write the current configuration to file with `-` for stdout
--type-listShow all supported file types
--format <format>Set the output format
-j, --threads <number>The approximate number of threads to use
--exclude <glob>Ignore files & directories matching the glob
--hiddenSearch hidden files and directories
--no-ignoreDon't respect ignore files
--no-ignore-dotDon't respect .ignore files
--no-ignore-globalDon't respect global ignore files
--no-ignore-parentDon't respect ignore files in parent directories
--no-ignore-vcsDon't respect ignore files in vcs directories
--binarySearch binary files
--no-check-filenamesSkip verifying spelling in file names
--no-check-filesSkip verifying spelling in files
--no-unicodeOnly allow ASCII characters in identifiers
--locale <locale>Set the locale to use
--color <when>Controls when to use color
-v, --verboseMore output per occurrence
-q, --quietLess output per occurrence
-h, --helpPrint help information
-V, --versionPrint version information