twilio [command]

Manage your Twilio resources from your terminal




autocompleteDisplay autocomplete installation instructions
config:listList Twilio CLI configurations
config:setUpdate Twilio CLI configurations
debugger:logs:listShow a list of log events generated for the account
email:sendSends emails to single or multiple recipients
email:setSets a default sending email address and subject line
feedbackProvide feedback to the CLI team
loginCreate a new profile to store Twilio Account credentials and configuration
phone-numbers:buy:localPurchase a local phone number
phone-numbers:buy:machine-to-machinePurchase a machine-to-machine phone number
phone-numbers:buy:mobilePurchase a mobile phone number
phone-numbers:buy:nationalPurchase a national phone number
phone-numbers:buy:shared-costPurchase a shared-cost phone number
phone-numbers:buy:toll-freePurchase a toll-free phone number
phone-numbers:buy:voipPurchase a voip phone number
phone-numbers:listShow what Twilio phone numbers you have configured
phone-numbers:updateUpdate the properties of a Twilio phone number
plugins:availableList available plugins for installation
plugins:inspectDisplays installation properties of a plugin
plugins:installInstalls a plugin into the CLI
plugins:linkLinks a plugin into the CLI for development
plugins:uninstallRemoves a plugin from the CLI
plugins:updateUpdate installed plugins
profiles:addCreate a new profile to store Twilio Account credentials and configuration
profiles:createCreate a new profile to store Twilio Account credentials and configuration
profiles:listShow what profiles you have configured
profiles:portPort API keys from keytar to config file. This command ports ALL keys by default, although to only port a specific key append the profile-id as additional argument
profiles:removeSelect which profile to remove
profiles:useSelect which profile to use
updateUpdate the twilio CLI
pluginsList installed plugins


-h, --help
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