turbo run <tasks...>

Run tasks in your monorepo




--scope <package>Specify packages to act as entry points for task execution
--cache-dir <dir>Specify local filesystem cache directory
--concurrency <limit>Limit the concurrency of task execution (use `1` for serial)
--continueContinue execution even if a task exits with an error
--forceIgnore the existing cache
--graphGenerate a Dot graph of the task execution
--global-deps <glob>
  • Repeatable ♾
--since <branch>Limit/set scope to changed packages since a mergebase
--team <slug>The slug of a turborepo.com team
--token <token>A turborepo.com access token
--ignore <files>Files to ignore when calculating changed files (supports globs)
--profile <file>File to write turbo's performance profile into
--parallelExecute all tasks in parallel
--include-dependenciesInclude the dependencies of tasks in execution
--no-depsExclude dependent task consumers from execution
--no-cacheAvoid saving task results to the cache (useful for development/watch tasks)
--output-logs <level>
--dry, --dry-run [format]List the packages in scope and the tasks that would be run