tsuru app

App commands


buildBuilds a tsuru app image respecting
createCreates a new app using the given name and platform
deployDeploys set of files and/or directories to tsuru server
grantAllows a team to access an application
infoShows information about an app
listList all apps
logShows the logs of an app
metadataManage metadata for an app
quotaShows the quota of an app
removeRemoves an app
restartRestarts an application, or one of the processes of the application
revokeRemoves a team access to an application
routerManage routers for an app
routesList all routers
runRuns a command inside an app
shellOpens a remote shell inside unit, using the API server as a proxy
startStarts an app
stopStops an application
swapSwaps routing between two apps
unlockForces the removal of an application lock
updateUpdates an app