ts-node <command>

Run the TypeScript interpreter for Node.JS




--help,-hShow help for ts-node
-v,--versionPrint version information of the ts-node module
-e,--eval <command>Evaluate script
-p,--printEvaluate script and print result
-r,--require <command>
  • Repeatable ♾
-i,--interactiveAlways open interactive REPL
--show-configPrint resolved Typescript config to the terminal
--cwd-modeResolve Typescript config based on the current working directory
-T,--transpile-onlyUse the Typescript transpile module mode
-H,--compiler-hostUse the Typescript compiler host API
-I,--ignore <command>Ignore patterns from Typescript compilation
-P,--project <command>Specify TypeScript project location
-C,--compiler <command>Use a custom compiler
--transpiler <command>Use a custom transpiler
-D,--ignore-diagnostics <command>Specify Typescript diagnostic code to ignore
-O,--compiler-options <command>JSON object that will be merged with the compiler options
--cwd <command>Specify working directory
--filesLoad files, include and exclude from Typescript config on startup
--prettyUse the pretty formatter for diagnostic errors
--skip-projectSkip reading Typescript config
--scopeScope compilation to scope directory specified
--scope-dir <command>Directory for scope parameter
--skip-ignoreSkip --ignore checks
--prefer-ts-extsPrefer Typescript files over JavaScript files when importing files
--log-errorPipe Typescript errors to stderr instead of throwing exceptions
--no-experimental-repl-awaitDisable the top-level await function in REPL