Count your code, quickly


-f, --filesWill print out statistics on individual files
-h, --helpPrints help information
--hiddenCount hidden files
-l, --languagesPrints out supported languages and their extensions
--no-ignoreDon't respect ignore files (.gitignore, .ignore, etc.)
--no-ignore-dotDon't respect .ignore and .tokeignore files, including those in parent directories
--no-ignore-parentDon't respect ignore files (.gitignore, .ignore, etc.) in parent directories
--no-ignore-vcsDon't respect VCS ignore files (.gitignore, .hgignore, etc.), including those in parent directories
-V, --versionPrints version information
-v, --verbose
  • Repeatable ♾
  • Repeatable 3x
-c, --columns <columns>Sets a strict column width of the output, only available for terminal output
-e, --exclude <exclude>
  • Repeatable ♾
-i, --input <input>Gives statistics from a previous tokei run. Can be given a file path, or "stdin" to read from stdin
-o, --output <output>Outputs Tokei in a specific format
-s, --sort <sort>Sort languages based on column
-t, --type <type>Filters output by language type, seperated by a comma. i.e. -t=Rust,Markdown