A terminal multiplexer


a,at,attach,attach-sessionAttach to last session
bind,bind-keyBind a key to a command
breakp,break-paneBreak a pane from an exiting into a new window
capturep,capture-paneCapture the contents of a pane to a buffer
choose-bufferPut a pane into buffer choice mode
choose-clientPut a pane into buffer client mode
choose-treePut a pane into buffer tree mode
clearhist,clear-historyRemove and clear history for a pane
clock-modeEnter clock mode
command-promptOpen the tmux command prompt in a client
confirm,confirm-beforeRun a command but ask for confirmation before
copy-modeEnter copy mode
deleteb,delete-bufferDelete a paste buffer
detach,detach-clientDetach a client from the server
menu,display-menuDisplay menu on target-client
display,display-messageDisplay a message in the status line
displayp,display-panesDisplay an indicator for each visible pane
findw,find-windowSearch for a pattern in windows
has,has-sessionCheck and report if a session exists on the server
if,if-shellExecute a tmux command if a shell-command succeeded
joinp,join-pane,movep,move-paneSplit a pane and move an existing one into the new space
killp,kill-paneDestroy a given pane
kill-serverKill clients, session and server
kill-ses,kill-sessionKill/delete sessions
killw,kill-windowDestroy a given window
lastp,last-paneSelect the previously selected pane
last,last-windowSelect the previously selected window
linkw,link-windowLink a window to another
lsb,list-buffersList paste buffers of a session
lsc,list-clientsList clients attached to a server
lscm,list-commandsList supported sub-commands
lsk,list-keysList all key-bindings
lsp,list-panesList panes of a window
ls,list-sessionsList sessions managed by a server
lsw,list-windowsList windows of a session
loadb,load-bufferLoad a file into a paste buffer
lockc,lock-clientLock a client
lock,lock-serverLock all clients attached to the server
locks,lock-sessionLock all clients attached to a session
movew,move-windowMove a window to another
new,new-sessionCreate a new session
neww,new-windowCreate a new window
nextl,next-layoutMove a window to the next layout
next,next-windowMove to the next window in a session
pasteb,paste-bufferInsert a paste buffer into the window
pipep,pipe-panePipe output from a pane to a shell command
prevl,previous-layoutMove a window to the previous layout
prev,previous-windowMove to the previous window in a session
refresh,refresh-clientRefresh a client
rename,rename-sessionRename a session
renamew,rename-windowRename a window
resizep,resize-paneResize a pane
resizew,resize-windowResize a window
respawnp,respawn-paneReactivate a pane in which a command has exited
respawnw,respawn-windowReactivate a window in which a command has exited
rotatew,rotate-windowRotate positions of panes in a window
run,run-shellExecute a command without create a new window
saveb,save-bufferSave a paste buffer to a file
selectl,select-layoutChoose a layout for a pane
selectp,select-paneMake a pane the active one in the window
selectw,select-windowSelect a window
send,send-keysSend key(s) to a window
send-prefixSend the prefix key to a window
info,server-infoShow every session, window, pane, etc
setb,set-bufferSet content of a paste buffer
setenv,set-environment(Un)set an environment variable
set-hookSet a hook to a command
set,set-optionSet a session option
setw,set-window-optionSet a window option
showb,show-bufferDisplay the contents of a paste buffer
showenv,show-environmentDisplay the environment
show-hooksShow the global list of hooks
showmsgs,show-messagesShow client's message log
show,show-optionsShow session options
showw,show-winsow-optionsShow window options
source,source-fileExecute tmux commands from a file
splitw,split-windowSplits a pane into two
start,start-serverStart a tmux server
suspendc,suspend-clientSuspend a client
swapp,swap-paneSwap two panes
swapw,swap-windowSwap two windows
switchc,switch-clientSwitch the client to another session
unbind,unbind-keyUnbind a key
unlinkw,unlink-windowUnlink a window
wait,wait-forWait for an event or trigger it