task go-task [arg...]

A task runner / simpler Make alternative written in Go




-a, --list-allLists tasks with or without a description
-c, --color <color>
  • Requires equal sign 🔁
-C, --concurrency <number>Limit number tasks to run concurrently
-d, --dir <path>Sets directory of execution
--dryCompiles and prints tasks in the order that they would be run, without executing them
-f, --forceForces execution even when the task is up-to-date
-h, --helpShows Task usage
-i, --initCreates a new Taskfile.yml in the current folder
-l, --listLists tasks with description of current Taskfile
-o, --output <output>Sets output style
-p, --parallelExecutes tasks provided on command line in parallel
-s, --silentDisables echoing
--statusExits with non-zero exit code if any of the given tasks is not up-to-date
--summaryShow summary about a task
-t, --taskfile <taskfile>Choose which Taskfile to run
-v, --verboseEnables verbose mode
--versionShow Task version
-w, --watchEnables watch of the given task
-- <variables...>Pass variables to the task