tailscale up

Connect to Tailscale, logging in if needed


--accept-dnsAccept DNS configuration from the admin panel
--accept-routesAccept routes advertised by other Tailscale nodes
--advertise-exit-nodeOffer to be an exit node for internet traffic for the tailnet
--advertise-routes <routes>Routes to advertise to other nodes (comma-separated, e.g. ",") or empty string to not advertise routes
--advertise-tags <tags>Comma-separated ACL tags to request; each must start with "tag:" (e.g. "tag:eng,tag:montreal,tag:ssh")
--auth-key <authkey>Node authorization key; if it begins with "file:", then it's a path to a file containing the authkey
--exit-node <exitnode>Tailscale exit node (IP or base name) for internet traffic, or empty string to not use an exit node
--exit-node-allow-lan-accessAllow direct access to the local network when routing traffic via an exit node
--force-reauthForce reauthentication
--host-routesInstall host routes to other Tailscale nodes
--hostnameHostname to use instead of the one provided by the OS
--jsonOutput in JSON format
--login-serverLogin server to use
--operator <username>Unix username to allow to operate on tailscaled without sudo
--qrShow QR code for login URLs
--resetReset unspecified settings to their default values
--shields-upDon't allow incoming connections
--sshRun an SSH server, permitting access per tailnet admin's declared policy
--helpShow help message