sysctl [Variable names (and values if available)...]

Get or set kernel state


Variable names (and values if available)


-A, -aList all the currently available non-opaque values
-bForce the value of the variable(s) to be output in raw, binary format
-dPrint the description of the variable instead of its value
-e <variable...>Separate the name and the value of the variable(s) with '='
-hFormat output for human, rather than machine, readability
-iIgnore unknown OIDs
-NShow only variable names, not their values
-nShow only variable values, not their names
-oShow opaque variables (which are normally suppressed)
-qSuppress some warnings generated by sysctl to standard error
-XEquivalent to -x -a (for compatibility)
-xAs -o, but prints a hex dump of the entire value instead of just the first few bytes