Symfony Binary


book:check-requirements, book:checkCheck that you have all the pre-requisites locally to code while reading the "Symfony: The Fast Track" book
book:checkoutCheck out a step of the "Symfony: The Fast Track" book repository
cloud:clear-cache, cloud:clearcache, cloud:ccClear the CLI cache
cloud:docsOpen the online documentation
cloud:multiExecute a command on multiple projects
cloud:webOpen the Web UI
cloud:activity:cancelCancel an activity
cloud:activity:getView detailed information on a single activity
cloud:activity:list, cloud:activities, cloud:actGet a list of activities for an environment or project
cloud:activity:logDisplay the log for an activity
cloud:app:config-getView the configuration of an app
cloud:app:listList apps in the project
cloud:auth:api-token-loginLog in to using an API token
cloud:auth:browser-login, cloud:loginLog in to via a browse
cloud:auth:infoDisplay your account information
cloud:auth:logout, cloud:logoutLog out of
cloud:backup:create, cloud:backup, cloud:snapshot:create, cloud:environment:backupMake a backup of an environment
cloud:backup:list, cloud:backups, cloud:snapshots, cloud:snapshot:listList available backups of an environment
cloud:backup:restore, cloud:environment:restore, cloud:snapshot:restoreRestore an environment backup
cloud:certificate:addAdd an SSL certificate to the project
cloud:certificate:deleteDelete a certificate from the project
cloud:certificate:getView a certificate
cloud:certificate:list, cloud:certificates, cloud:certsList project certificates
cloud:commit:getShow commit details
cloud:commit:list, cloud:commitsList commits
cloud:db:dump, cloud:sql-dump, cloud-environment:sql-dumpCreate a local dump of the remote database
cloud:db:sizeEstimate the disk usage of a database
cloud:db:sql, cloud:sql, cloud:environment:sqlRun SQL on the remote database
cloud:domain:addAdd a new domain to the project
cloud:domain:deleteDelete a domain from the project
cloud:domain:getShow detailed information for a domain
cloud:domain:list, cloud:domainsGet a list of all domains
cloud:domain:updateUpdate a domain
coud:environment:activateActivate an environment
cloud:environment:branch, cloud:branchBranch an environment
cloud:environment:checkout, cloud:checkoutCheck out an environment
cloud:environment:debug, environment:debugDebug an environment by switching Symfony to the debug mode temporarily
cloud:environment:delete, cloud:environment:deactivateDelete one or more environments
cloud:environment:http-access, cloud:httpaccessUpdate HTTP access settings for an environment
cloud:environment:info, cloud:environment:metadataRead or set properties for an environment
cloud:environment:initInitialize an environment from a public Git repository
cloud:environment:list, cloud:environments, cloud:envGet a list of environments
cloud:environment:logs, cloud:log, cloud:logsRead an environment's logs
cloud:environment:merge, cloud:mergeMerge an environment
cloud:environment:push, cloud:push, deploy, cloud:deployPush code to an environment
cloud:environment:redeploy, cloud:redeployRedeploy an environment
cloud:environment:relationships, cloud:relationshipsShow an environment's relationships
cloud:environment:scp, cloud:scpCopy files to and from current environment using scp
cloud:environment:ssh, cloud:sshSSH to the current environment
cloud:environment:synchronize, cloud:syncSynchronize an environment's code and/or data from its parent
cloud:environment:url, cloud:urlGet the public URLs of an environment
cloud:environment:xdebug, cloud:xdebugOpen a tunnel to Xdebug on the environment
cloud:integration:activity:getView detailed information on a single integration activity
cloud:integration:activity:list, cloud:i:act, cloud:integration:activitiesGet a list of activities for an integration
cloud:integration:activity:logDisplay the log for an integration activity
cloud:integration:addAdd an integration to the project
cloud:integration:deleteDelete an integration from a project
cloud:integration:getView details of an integration
cloud:integration:list, cloud:integrationsView a list of project integration(s)
cloud:integration:updateUpdate an integration
cloud:integration:validateValidate an existing integration
cloud:mount:downloadDownload files from a mount, using rsync
cloud:mount:list, cloud:mountsGet a list of mounts
cloud:mount:sizeCheck the disk usage of mounts
cloud:mount:uploadUpload files to a mount, using rsync
cloud:organization:billing:addressView or change an organization's billing address
cloud:organization:billing:profileView or change an organization's billing profile
cloud:organization:createCreate a new organization
cloud:organization:deleteDelete an organization
cloud:organization:infoView or change organization details
cloud:organization:list, cloud:orgs, cloud:organizationsList organizations
cloud:organization:subscription:list, cloud:organization:subscriptionsList subscriptions within an organization
cloud:organization:user:addInvite a user to an organization
cloud:organization:user:deleteRemove a user from an organization
cloud:organization:user:getView an organization user
cloud:organization:user:list, cloud:organization:usersList organization users
cloud:organization:user:updateUpdate an organization user
cloud:project:clear-build-cacheClear a project's build cache
cloud:project:create, cloud:createCreate a new project
cloud:project:deleteDelete a project
cloud:project:get, cloud:getClone a project locally
cloud:project:info, cloud:project:metadataRead or set properties for a project
cloud:project:list, cloud:projects, cloud:proGet a list of all active projects
cloud:project:set-remoteSet the remote project for the current Git repository
cloud:repo:catRead a file in the project repository
cloud:repo:lsList files in the project repository
cloud:repo:read, cloud:readRead a directory or file in the project repository
cloud:route:getView detailed information about a route
cloud:route:list, cloud:routes, cloud:environment:routesList all routes for an environment
cloud:service:list, cloud:servicesList services in the project
cloud:service:mongo:dump, cloud:mongodumpCreate a binary archive dump of data from MongoDB
cloud:service:mongo:export, cloud:mongoexportExport data from MongoDB
cloud:service:mongo:restore, cloud:mongorestoreRestore a binary archive dump of data into MongoDB
cloud:service:mongo:shell, cloud:mongoUse the MongoDB shell
cloud:service:redis-cli, cloud:redisAccess the Redis CLI
cloud:ssh-cert:loadGenerate an SSH certificate
cloud:ssh-key:addAdd a new SSH key
cloud:ssh-key:deleteDelete an SSH key
cloud:ssh-key:list, cloud:ssh-keysGet a list of SSH keys in your accountt
cloud:subscription:infoRead or modify subscription properties
cloud:tunnel:closeClose SSH tunnels
cloud:tunnel:infoView relationship info for SSH tunnels
cloud:tunnel:list, cloud:tunnelsList SSH tunnels
cloud:tunnel:openOpen SSH tunnels to an app's relationships
cloud:tunnel:singleOpen a single SSH tunnel to an app relationship
cloud:user:addAdd a user to the project
cloud:user:deleteDelete a user from the project
cloud:user:get, cloud:vgetView a user's role(s)
cloud:user:list, cloud:variables, cloud:varList project users
cloud:user:updateUpdate user role(s) on a project
cloud:variable:createCreate a variable
cloud:variable:deleteDelete a variable
cloud:variable:getView a variable
cloud:variable:listList variables
cloud:variable:updateUpdate a variable
cloud:worker:list, cloud:workersGet a list of all deployed workers
local:check:requirements, check-requirements, check:reqChecks requirements for running Symfony and gives useful recommendations to optimize PHP for Symfony
local:check:security, security:check, check:security, local:security:checkCheck security issues in project dependencies
local:new, newCreate a new Symfony project
local:php:listList locally available PHP versions
local:php:refreshAuto-discover the list of available PHP version
local:proxy:domain:attach, proxy:domain:attachAttach a local domain for the proxy
local:proxy:domain:detach, proxy:domain:detachDetach domains from the proxy
local:proxy:start, proxy:startStart the local proxy server (local domains support)
local:proxy:status, proxy:statusGet the local proxy server status
local:proxy:stop, proxy:stopStop the local proxy server
local:run, runRun a program with environment variables set depending on the current context
local:server:ca:install, server:ca:installCreate a local Certificate Authority for serving HTTPS
local:server:ca:uninstall, server:ca:uninstallUninstall the local Certificate Authority
local:server:list, server:listList all configured local web servers
local:server:log, server:logDisplay local web server logs
local:server:prod, server:prodSwitch a project to use Symfony's production environment
local:server:start, server:start, serveRun a local web server
local:server:status, server:statusGet the local web server status
local:server:stop, server:stopStop the local web server
local:var:expose-from-tunnel, var:expose-from-tunnelExpose tunnel service environment variables locally
open:localOpen the local project in a browser
open:local:rabbitmqOpen the local project RabbitMQ web management interface in a browser
open:local:webmailOpen the local project mail catcher web interface in a browser
project:init, initInitialize a new project using templates
self:help, help, listDisplay help for a command or a category of commands
self:version, versionDisplay the application version
var:exportExport environment variables depending on the current context
composerRuns Composer without memory limit
phpRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
peclRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
pearRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
php-fdpRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
php-cgiRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
php-configRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
phpdbgRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
phpizeRuns the binary using the configured PHP version
consoleRuns the Symfony Console (bin/console) for current project


-h, --helpShow help
-q, --quietDo not output any message
--no-ansiDisable ANSI output
--ansiForce ANSI output
--no-interactionDo not ask any interactive question
-v, --verbose
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-VPrint the version