SuiteCloud CLI


account:manageauthManages authentication IDs (authID) for all your projects. An authentication ID is a custom alias you gave to a specific account-role combination
account:savetokenSaves a TBA token that you issued previously in NetSuite
account:setupSets up an account to use with the SuiteCloud CLI for Node.js
file:createCreates a SuiteScript file
file:importImports files from an account to your account customization project. You cannot import files from a SuiteApp
file:listLists the files in the File Cabinet of your account
file:uploadUploads files from your project to an account
object:importImports custom objects from your NetSuite account to the SuiteCloud project. In account customization projects (ACP), if SuiteScript files are referenced in the custom objects you import, these files get imported by default
object:listLists the custom objects deployed in an account
object:updateOverwrites the custom objects in the project with the custom objects in an account
project:adddependenciesAdds the missing dependencies to the manifest file
project:createCreates a SuiteCloud project, either a SuiteApp or an account customization project (ACP)
project:deployDeploys the folder containing the project. The project folder is zipped before deployment, only including the files and folders referenced in the deploy.xml file
project:packageGenerates a ZIP file from your project, respecting the structure specified in the deploy.xml file
project:validateValidates the folder containing the SuiteCloud project


--versionOutputs the version number
-h, --helpDisplays help for the command