sqlite3 <command>

A command line interface for SQLite version 3




-appendAppend the database to the end of the file
-asciiSet output mode to 'ascii'
-bailStop after hitting an error
-batchForce batch I/O
-columnSet output mode to 'column'
-cmd <command>Run "COMMAND" before reading stdin
-csvSet output mode to 'csv'
-echoPrint commands before execution
-init <command>Read/process named file
-headerTurn headers on
-noheaderTurn headers off
-helpShow help message
-htmlSet output mode to HTML
-interactiveForce interactive I/O
-lineSet output mode to 'line'
-listSet output mode to 'list'
-lookaside <command> <command>Use N entries of SZ bytes for lookaside memory
-memtraceTrace all memory allocations and deallocations
-mmap <command>Default mmap size set to N
-newline <command>Set output row separator
-nofollowRefuse to open symbolic links to database files
-nullvalue <command>Set text string for NULL values
-pagecache <command> <command>Use N slots of SZ bytes each for page cache memory
-quoteSet output mode to 'quote'
-readonlyOpen the database read-only
-separator <command>Set output column separator
-statsPrint memory stats before each finalize
-versionShow SQLite version
-vfs <command>Use NAME as the default VFS