Zero-friction serverless development


deployDeploy a Serverless service
infoDisplay information about the service
invokeInvoke a deployed function
logsOutput the logs of a deployed function
metricsShow metrics for a specific function
removeRemove Serverless service and all resources
rollbackRollback the Serverless service to a specific deployment
studioDevelop a Serverless application in the cloud
testRun HTTP tests
packagePackage a Serverless service
pluginHandle plugins
printPrint your compiled and resolved config file
createCreate new Serverless service
dashboardOpen the Serverless dashboard
generate-eventGenerate event
installInstall a Serverless service from GitHub or a plugin from the Serverless registry
loginLogin or sign up for Serverless
logoutLogout from Serverless
outputGet/list value of dashboard deployment profile parameter
paramGet/list value of dashboard service output
slstatsEnable or disable stats


--helpShow help