sha1sum [file]

Print or check SHA1 (160-bit) checksums


fileWith no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input


-b, --binaryRead in binary mode
-c, --checkRead SHA1 sums from the FILEs and check them
--tagCreate a BSD-style checksum
-t, --textRead in text mode (default)
-z, --zeroEnd each output line with NUL, not newline, and disable file name escaping
--ignore-missingDon't fail or report status for missing files
--quietDon't print OK for each successfully verified file
--statusDon't output anything, status code shows success
--strictExit non-zero for improperly formatted checksum lines
-w, --warnWarn about improperly formatted checksum lines
--helpOutput help message and exit
--versionOutput version information and exit