serve <command>

Static file serving and directory listing




-h,--helpShows help message
-v,--versionDisplays the current version of serve
-l,--listen <command>Specify a URI endpoint on which to listen - more than one may be specified to listen in multiple places
-p <command>Specify custom port
-d,--debugShow debugging information
-s,--singleRewrite all not-found requests to `index.html`
-c,--config <command>Specify custom path to `serve.json`
-C,--corsEnable CORS, sets `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` to `*`
-n,--no-clipboardDo not copy the local address to the clipboard
-u,--no-compressionDo not compress files
--no-etagSend `Last-Modified` header instead of `ETag`
-S,--symlinksResolve symlinks instead of showing 404 errors
--ssl-cert <command>Optional path to an SSL/TLS certificate to serve with HTTPS
--ssl-key <command>Optional path to the SSL/TLS certificate's private key
--ssl-pass <command>Optional path to the SSL/TLS certificate's passphrase
--no-port-switchingDo not open a port other than the one specified when it's taken