scc [files or directories...]

Sloc, Cloc and Code. Count lines of code in a directory with complexity estimation


files or directoriesfilepaths, folders


--avg-wage <int>Average salary value used for COCOMO calculations
--binaryDisable binary file detection
--by-fileDisplay output for every file
--ciEnable CI output settings where stdout is ASCII
--cocomo-project-type <string>Change the COCOMO model type (allows custom models, eg. "name,1,1,1,1")
--count-as <string>Count a file extension as a language (comma-separated key:value list, eg. jst:js,tpl:Markdown)
--debugEnable debug output
--exclude-dir <strings>Directories to exclude
--file-gc-count <int>Number of files to parse before turning the GC on
-f, --format <string>Set output format
--format-multi <string>Multiple outputs with different formats (comma-separated key:value list, eg. tabular:stdout,csv:scc.csv)
--genIdentify generated files
--generated-markers <strings>Identify generated files by the presence of a string (comma-separated list)
-h, --helpHelp for scc
-i, --include-ext <strings>Limit to these file extensions (comma-separated list)
--include-symlinksCount symbolic links
-l, --languagesPrint supported languages and extensions
--large-byte-count <int>Number of bytes a file can contain before being omitted
--large-line-count <int>Number of lines a file can contain before being omitted
--minIdentify minified files
-z, --min-genIdentify minified or generated files
--min-gen-line-length <int>Number of bytes per average line for file to be considered minified or generated
--no-cocomoSkip COCOMO calculation
-c, --no-complexitySkip code complexity calculation
-d, --no-duplicatesRemove duplicate files from stats and output
--no-genIgnore generated files in output (implies --gen)
--no-gitignoreDisables .gitignore file logic
--no-ignoreDisables .ignore file logic
--no-largeIgnore files over certain byte and line size set by --max-line-count and --max-byte-count
--no-minIgnore minified files in output (implies --min)
--no-min-genIgnore minified or generated files in output (implies --min-gen)
--no-sizeRemove size calculation output
-M, --not-match <regex>Ignore files and directories matching regular expression
-o, --output <string>Output filename (defaults to stdout if not provided)
--remap-all <string>Inspect every file and set its type by checking for a string (comma-separated key:value list, eg. "-*- C++ -*-":"C Header")
--remap-unknown <string>Inspect files of unknown type and set its type by checking for a string (comma-separated key:value list, eg. "-*- C++ -*-":"C Header")
--size-unit <string>Set the unit used for file size output
-s, --sort <string>Column to sort by
--sql-project <string>Use supplied name as the project identifier for the current run. Only valid with the '--format sql' or '--format sql-insert' option
-t, --traceEnable trace output (not recommended when processing multiple files)
-v, --verboseVerbose output
--versionVersion for scc
-w, --wideWider output with additional statistics (implies --complexity)