sam init

Init an AWS SAM application


--config-env <environment>The environment name specifying the default parameter values in the configuration file to use
--config-file <config file>The path and file name of the configuration file containing default parameter values to use
--debugTurn on debug logging to print debug message generated by SAM CLI and display timestamps
--help, -hShow help for sam
--no-interactiveDisable interactive prompting for init parameters, and fail if any required values are missing
-a, --architecture <architecture>Architectures your Lambda function will run on
-l, --location <location>Template location (git, mercurial, http(s), zip, path)
-r, --runtime <runtime>Lambda Runtime for your app
-p, --package-type <type>Package type for your app
-i, --base-image <image name>Lambda Image of your app
-d, --dependency-manager <manager>Dependency manager for your Lambda runtime
-o, --output-dir <path>Where to output the initialized app into
-n, --name <text>Name of your project to be generated as a folder
--app-template <text>Identifier of the managed application template you want to use
--no-inputDisable Cookiecutter prompting and accept default values defined template config
--extra-context <text>Override any custom parameters in the template's cookiecutter.json configuration