rustup [toolchain]

The Rust toolchain installer


toolchainRelease channel (e.g. +stable) or custom toolchain to set override


showShow the active and installed toolchains or profiles
updateUpdate Rust toolchains and rustup
checkCheck for updates to Rust toolchains and rustup
defaultSets the default toolchain to the one specified. If the toolchain is not already installed then it is installed first
targetModify a toolchain's supported targets
toolchainModify or query the installed toolchains
componentModify a toolchain's installed components
overrideModify directory toolchain overrides
runRun a command with an environment configured for a given toolchain
whichDisplay which binary will be run for a given command
docOpen the documentation for the current toolchain
manView the man page for a given command
selfModify the rustup installation
setAlter rustup settings
completionsGenerate tab-completion scripts for your shell
helpPrints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


-h, --helpPrints help information
-V, --versionPrints version information
-q, --quietDisable progress output
-v, --verboseEnable verbose output