rich <path/text/url>

Rich text and formatting in the terminal




-p, --printPrint console markup. See
-u, --ruleDisplay a horizontal rule
-j, --jsonDisplay as JSON
-m, --markdownDisplay as markdown
--rstDisplay restructured text
--csvDisplay CSV as a table
--ipynbDisplay Jupyter notebook
--syntaxSyntax highlighting
--inspectInspect a python object
-h, --head <lines>Display first LINES of the file
-t, --tail <lines>Display last LINES of the file
--emojiEnable emoji code. e.g. :sparkle:
-l, --leftAlign to left
-r, --rightAlign to right
-c, --centerAlign to center
-L, --text-leftJustify text to left
-R, --text-rightJustify text to right
-C, --text-centerJustify text to center
-F, --text-fullJustify text to both left and right edges
--softEnable soft wrapping of text
-e, --expandExpand to full width
-w, --width <size>Fit output to SIZE characters
-W, --max-width <size>Set maximum width to SIZE characters
-s, --style <style>Set text style to STYLE
--rule-style <style>Set rule style to STYLE
--rule-char <character>Use CHARACTER to generate a line with --rule
-d, --padding <top,right,bottom,left>Padding around output. 1, 2 or 4 comma separated integers, e.g. 2,4
-a, --panel <box>Set panel type to BOX
-S, --panel-style <style>Set the panel style to STYLE
--theme <theme>Set syntax theme to THEME. See
-n, --line-numbersEnable line number in syntax
-g, --guidesEnable indentation guides in syntax highlighting
-x, --lexer <lexer>Use LEXER for syntax highlighting. See
-y, --hyperlinksRender hyperlinks in markdown
--no-wrapDon't word wrap syntax highlighted files
--title <text>Set panel title to TEXT
--caption <text>Set panel caption to TEXT
--force-terminalForce terminal output when not writing to a terminal
-o, --export-html <path>Write HTML to PATH
--export-svg <path>Write SVG to PATH
--pagerDisplay in an interactive pager
-v, --versionPrint version and exit
--helpShow this message and exit