remotion lambda still <serve-url> <composition-id> [out-name]

Render a still on Lambda


serve-urlURL or name of the site
composition-idName of the composition
out-nameWhere the output should be downloaded. No download it omitted


--max-retries <numberOfRetries>How many times a chunk can be retried before the render times out
--privacy <privacy>
--frames-per-lambda <framesPerLambda>How many frames should be rendered per chunk
--props <arg>Pass input props as filename or as JSON
--disable-headlessRun Chrome in normal mode rather than headless
--gl <arg>Which OpenGL renderer to use
--user-agentUser agent to use for Chrome during rendering
--ignore-certificate-errorsIgnore SSL errors
--disable-web-securityDisable CORS and other web security features
--frame <frame>Which frame to render (default 0)
--height <height>Override the composition height
--width <height>Override the composition width
--quietPrint less output
-qPrint less output
--log <arg>Log level, "error", "warning", "verbose", "info" (default)
--yesSkip confirmation
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--region <arg>The AWS region specifier