redwood test [sides or filter]

Run Jest tests for api and web


sides or filterWhich side(s) to test, and/or a regular expression to match against your test files to filter by


--helpShow help
--versionShow version number
--watchRun tests related to changed files based on hg/git (uncommitted files). Specify the name or path to a file to focus on a specific set of tests [default: true]
--watchAllRun all tests
--collectCoverageShow test coverage summary and output info to coverage directory in project root. See this directory for an .html coverage report
--clearCacheDelete the Jest cache directory and exit without running tests
--db-pushSyncs the test database with your Prisma schema without requiring a migration. It creates a test database if it doesn't already exist [default: true]. This flag is ignored if your project doesn't have an api side