The Rancher CLI (Command Line Interface) is a unified tool that you can use to interact with Rancher


apps, appOperations with apps. Uses helm. Flags are prepended with 'helm' can also be accurately described by helm documentation
catalogOperations with catalogs
clusters, clusterOperations on clusters
contextOperations for the context
globaldnsOperations on global DNS providers and entries
inspectView details of resources
kubectlRun kubectl commands
login, -lLogin to a Rancher server
machines, machineOperations on machines
multiclusterapps, multiclusterappOperations with multi-cluster apps
namespaces, namespaceOperations on namespaces
nodes, nodeOperations on nodes
projects, projectOperations on projects
psShow workloads in a project
serverOperations for the server
settings, settingShow settings for the current server
sshSSH into a node
upApply compose config
waitWait for resources cluster, app, project, multiClusterApp
tokenAuthenticate and generate new kubeconfig token
help, hShows a list of commands or help for one command


--debugDebug logging
--config, -c <RANCHER_CONFIG_PATH>Path to rancher config (default: `$home/.rancher`) [$RANCHER_CONFIG_DIR]
--help, -hShow help for rancher cli
--version, -vPrint the version