CLI for managing Railway Apps


addAdd a plugin to your project
completionGenerate shell-completions
connectConnect to a plugin
deleteDelete a project
docsOpen Railway Documentation in default browser
downRemove the most recent deployment
environmentChange your environment
helpGet help about any command
initCreate a new railway project
linkConnect to an existing railway project
listList all railway projects
loginLogin to railway
logoutLogout of railway
logsShow logs for the most-recent deployment
openOpen the project
runRun a local command using variables from the active environment
shellOpen a subshell with Railway variables available
statusView the status of railway project
unlinkDisconnects the current directory from a Railway project
upDeploy to railway
variablesWork with environment variables
versionGet the version of railway's CLI
whoamiGet the logged in user


--help, -hShow help for railway
--version, -VShow railway version
--verbose, -vEnable verbose output