Pscale is a CLI library for communicating with PlanetScale's API


audit-logList audit logs
authLogin and logout via the PlanetScale API
backupCreate, list, show, and delete branch backups
branchCreate, delete, diff, and manage branches
completionGenerate completion script for your shell
connectCreate a secure connection to a database and branch for a local client
database, dbCreate, read, delete, and dump/restore databases
deploy-request, drCreate, review, diff, and manage deploy requests
helpHelp about any command
orgList, show, and switch organizations
passwordCreate, list, and delete branch passwords
regionList regions
service-tokenCreate, list, and manage access for service tokens
shellOpen a MySQL shell instance to a database and branch
signup, register, sign-upSignup for a new PlanetScale account


--help, -hShow help
--api-token <string>The API token to use for authenticating against the PlanetScale API
--api-url <string>The base URL for the PlanetScale API. (default "")
--config <string>Config file (default is $HOME/.config/planetscale/pscale.yml)
--debugEnable debug mode
--format, -f <string>Show output in a specific format. Possible values: [human, json, csv] (default "human")
--no-colorDisable color output
--service-token <string>Service Token for authenticating
--service-token-name <string>The Service Token name for authenticating
--versionShow pscale version