Interactive Ruby


-e, --exec <code>A line of code to execute in context before the session starts
--no-pagerDisable pager for long output
--no-historyDisable history loading
--no-colorDisable syntax highlighting for session
-fSuppress loading of pryrc
-s, --select-plugin <plugin>Only load specified plugin (and no others)
-d, --disable-plugin <plugin>Disable a specific plugin
--no-pluginsSuppress loading of plugins
--pluginsList installed plugins
--simple-promptEnable simple prompt mode
--nopromptNo prompt mode
-r, --require <script>`require` a Ruby script at startup
-I <path>Add a path to the $LOAD_PATH
--gem <gemname>Shorthand for -I./lib -rgemname
-v, --versionDisplay the Pry version
-c, --context <context>Start the session in the specified context. Equivalent to `context.pry` in a session
-h, --helpDisplay this help message