pod repo push <REPO> [NAME.podspec]

Push new specifications to a spec-repo




--allow-warningsAllows pushing even if there are warnings
--use-librariesLinter uses static libraries to install the spec
--use-modular-headersLint uses modular headers during installation
--sources <source>The sources from which to pull dependent pods (defaults to all available repos). Multiple sources must be comma-delimited
--local-onlyDoes not perform the step of pushing REPO to its remote
--no-privateLint includes checks that apply only to public repos
--skip-import-validationLint skips validating that the pod can be imported
--skip-testsLint skips building and running tests during validation
--commit-message <message>Add custom commit message. Opens default editor if no commit message is specified
--use-jsonConvert the podspec to JSON before pushing it to the repo
--swift-version <VERSION>The `SWIFT_VERSION` that should be used when linting the spec. This takes precedence over the Swift versions specified by the spec or a `.swift-version` file
--no-overwriteDisallow pushing that would overwrite an existing spec
--allow-rootAllows CocoaPods to run as root