Execute binaries from npm packages



--package, -p <package>Package to be executed
--cache <path>Location of the npm cache
--always-spawnAlways spawn a child process to execute the command
--no-installSkip installation if a package is missing
--userconfig <path>Path to user npmrc
--call, -c <script>Execute string as if inside `npm run-script`
--shell, -s <shell>Shell to execute the command with, if any
--shell-auto-fallback <shell-fallback>Generate shell code to use pnpx as the "command not found" fallback
--ignore-existingIgnores existing binaries in $PATH, or in the localproject. This forces pnpx to do a temporary install and use the latest version
--quiet, -qSuppress output from pnpx itself. Subcommands will not be affected
--npm <path to binary>Npm binary to use for internal operations
--node-arg, -n <arg>Extra node argument when calling a node binary
--version, -vShow version number
--help, -hShow help