pkill <pattern>

Send the specified signal (by default SIGTERM) to each specified process


patternSpecifies an Extended Regular Expression for matching against the process names or command lines


--signal <signal>Signal to send (either number or name)
-q, --queue <value>Integer value to be sent with the signal
-e, --echoDisplay what is killed
-f, --fullUse full process name to match
-g, --pgroup <PGID...>Match listed process group IDs
-G, --group <GID...>Match real group IDs
-i, --ignore-caseMatch case insensitively
-n, --newestSelect most recently started
-o, --oldestSelect least recently started
-O, --older <seconds>Select where older than seconds
-P, --parent <PPID...>Match only child processes of the given parent
-s, --session <SID...>Match session IDs
-t, --terminal <tty...>Match by controlling terminal
-u, --euid <ID...>Match by effective IDs
-U, --uid <ID...>Match by real IDs
-x, --exactMatch exactly with the command name
-F, --pidfile <file>Read PIDs from file
-L, logpidfileFail if PID file is not locked
-r, --runstates <state>Match runstates
--ns <PID>Match the processes that belong to a specified PID
--nslist <ns...>List which namespaces will be considered for the --ns option
-h, --helpOutput help message and exit
-V, --versionOutput version information and exit