Jailbreaking tool for iOS/iPadOS 15.x-16.x arm64


--versionPrint version
--force-revertRemove jailbreak
--setup-partial-fakefs, -BSetup partial fakefs
--setup-fakefs, -cSetup fakefs
--demote, -dDemote
--dfuhelper, -DExit after entering DFU
--boot-args, -e <BOOT_ARGUMENTS>XNU boot arguments
--enter-recovery, -EEnter recovery mode
--fakefs, -fBoot fakefs
--help, -hShow help for palera1n
--override-checkra1n, -i <FILE>Override checkra1n
--override-pongo, -k <FILE>Override Pongo image
--override-kpf, -K <FILE>Override kernel patchfinder
--rootless, -lBoot rootless. This is the default
--jbinit-log-to-file, -LMake jbinit log to /cores/jbinit.log (can be read from sandbox while jailbroken)
--exit-recovery, -nExit recovery mode
--device-info, -IPrint info about the connected device
--override-overlay, -o <FILE>Override overlay
--pongo-shell, -pBoots to PongoOS shell
--pongo-full, -PBoots to a PongoOS shell with default images already uploaded
--override-ramdisk, -r <FILE>Override ramdisk
--reboot-device, -RReboot connected device in normal mode
--safe-mode, -sEnter safe mode
--no-colors, -SDisable colors on the command line
--debug-logging, -vEnable debug logging. This option can be repeated for extra verbosity
--verbose-boot, -VVerbose boot