pageres <url | filepath...> <resolution...>

Capture website screenshots


url | filepathfilepaths


--verbose, -vVerbose output to see errors if you need to troubleshoot
--crop, -cCrop to the set height
--delay, -d <time>Delay screenshot capture
--filename <template>Custom filename
--overwriteOverwrite destination file if it exists. Defaults to appending (n) to the file name if --overwrite is not set
--selector <element>Capture DOM element
--hide <element>Hide DOM element. Can be set multiple times
--no-cropOverride a global crop option within a group
--css <string>Apply custom CSS to the webpage. Specify some CSS or the path to a CSS file
--cookie <cookie>Browser cookie. Can be set multiple times
--header <header>Custom HTTP request header. Can be set multiple times
--username <username>Username for HTTP auth
--password <password>Password for HTTP auth
--scale <number>Scale webpage n of times
--format <format>Image format. Either png (default) or jpg
--user-agent <string>Custom user agent
--transparentSet background color to transparent instead of white if no background is set
--darkModeEmulate preference of dark color scheme