Okteto - Remote Development Environments powered by Kubernetes


analyticsEnable / Disable analytics
buildBuild (and optionally push) a Docker image
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
ctx, contextSet the default context
doctorGenerate a zip file with the okteto logs
downDeactivate your development container
execExecute a command in your development container
initAutomatically generate your okteto manifest file
kubeconfigDownload credentials for the Kubernetes cluster selected via 'okteto context'
ns, namespaceConfigure the current namespace of the okteto context
pipelinePipeline management commands
previewPreview environment management commands
pushBuild, push and redeploy source code to the target app
restartRestart the deployments listed in the services field of the okteto manifest
stackStack management commands
statusStatus of the synchronization process
upActivate your development container
updateUpdate okteto version
versionView the version of the okteto binary
helpHelp about any command


--loglevel, -l <loglevel>Amount of information outputted (debug, info, warn, error)
--output, -o <output>Output format (tty, plain, json)
--help, -hHelp for okteto