nvm install [version]

Download and install a <version>. Uses .nvmrc if available and version is omitted


versionNode version


-sSkip binary download, install from source only
--reinstall-packages-from <version>When installing, reinstall packages installed in <version>
--ltsWhen installing, only select from LTS (long-term support) versions
--lts <LTS name>When installing, only select from versions for a specific LTS line
--skip-default-packagesWhen installing, skip the default-packages file if it exists
--latest-npmAfter installing, attempt to upgrade to the latest working npm on the given node version
--no-progressDisable the progress bar on any downloads
--alias <name>After installing, set the alias specified to the version specified. (same as: nvm alias <name> <version>)
--defaultAfter installing, set default alias to the version specified. (same as: nvm alias default <version>)