nvim <name>

Hyperextensible Vim-based text editor


namefilepaths, folders


+Start at end of file
--cmd <cmd>Execute <cmd> before any config
-c <cmd>Execute <cmd> after config and first file
-bBinary mode
-dDiff mode
-e, -EEx mode
-es, -EsSilent (batch) mode
-h, --helpPrint this help message
-i <shada>Use this shada file
-mModifications (writing files) not allowed
-MModifications in text not allowed
-nNo swap file, use memory only
-o <N>Open N windows (default: one per file)
-O <N>Open N vertical windows (default: one per file)
-p <N>Open N tab pages (default: one per file)
-LList swap files
-r <file>Recover edit state for this file
-RRead-only mode
-S <session>Source <session> after loading the first file
-s <scriptin>Read Normal mode commands from <scriptin>
-u <config>Use this config file
-v, --versionPrint version information
--api-infoWrite msgpack-encoded API metadata to stdout
--embedUse stdin/stdout as a msgpack-rpc channel
--headlessDon't start a user interface
--listen <address>Serve RPC API from this address
--nopluginDon't load plugins
--remote, --remote-subcommandExecute commands remotely on a server
--server <address>Specify RPC server to send commands to
--startuptime <file>Write startup timing messages to <file>