Nuxt 3 CLI


infoThe info command logs information about the current or specified Nuxt project
init, createThe init command initializes a fresh Nuxt project
add, newGenerate a entity into your Nuxt application
analyzeThe analyze command builds Nuxt and analyzes the production bundle (experimental)
buildThe build command creates a .output directory with all your application, server and dependencies ready for production
devThe dev command starts a development server with hot module replacement at http://localhost:3000
prepareThe prepare command creates a .nuxt directory in your application and generates ts types
previewThe preview command starts a server to preview your Nuxt application after running the build command
generateBuild Nuxt and prerender static routes
clean, cleanupThe cleanup command removes common generated Nuxt files and caches including .nuxt/, .output/, node_modules/.vite and node_modules/.cache
testRun the test files for your Nuxt application
upgradeThe upgrade command upgrades Nuxt 3 to the latest version
typecheckThe typecheck command runs vue-tsc to check types throughout your app
usageThe usage command shows the usage of the Nuxt CLI


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