nl <file>

Line numbering filter


fileFile(s) to number


-b <type>Specify the logical page body lines to be numbered
-d <delim>Specify the delimiter characters used to indicate the start of a logical page section in the input file. At most two characters may be specified; if only one character is specified, the first character is replaced and the second character remains unchanged
-f <type>Specify the same as -b type except for logical page footer lines
-h <type>Specify the same as -b type except for logical page header lines
-i <incr>Specify the increment value used to number logical page lines
-l <num>If numbering of all lines is specified for the current logical section using the corresponding -b a, -f a or -h a option, specify the number of adjacent blank lines to be considered as one. For example, -l 2 results in only the second adjacent blank line being numbered
-n <format>Specify the line numbering output format
-pSpecify that line numbering should not be restarted at logical page delimiters
-s <sep>Specify the characters used in separating the line number and the corresponding text line. The default sep setting is a single tab character
-v <startnum>Specify the initial value used to number logical page lines; see also the description of the -p option
-w <width>Specify the number of characters to be occupied by the line number; in case the width is insufficient to hold the line number, it will be truncated to its width least significant digits