mount <Disk/loopfile> <mountpoint>

Mount disks and manage subtrees




-h, --helpHelp for abc
-a, --allMount all filesystems in fstab
-c, --no-canonicalizeDon't canonicalize paths
-f, --fakeDry run; skip the mount(2) syscall
-F, --forkFork off for each device (use with -a)
-T, --fstab <fstab>Alternative file to /etc/fstab
-i, --internal-onlyDon't call the mount.<type> helpers
-l, --show-labelsShow also filesystem labels
-m, --mkdirAlias to '-o X-mount.mkdir
-n, --no-mtabDon't write to /etc/mtab
--options-mode <mode>What to do with options loaded from fstab
--options-source <source>Mount options source
--options-source-forceForce use of options from fstab/mtab
-o, --options <list>Comma-separated list of mount options
-O, --test-opts <list>Limit the set of filesystems (use with -a)
-r, --read-onlyMount the filesystem read-only (same as -o ro)
-t, --types <list>Limit the set of filesystem types
--source <source>Explicitly specifies source
--target <mountpoint>Explicitly specifies mountpoint
--target-prefix <path>Specifies path used for all mountpoints
-v, --verboseSay what is being done
-w, --rw, --read-writeMount the filesystem read-write (default)
-V, --versionDisplay version
-B, --bindMount a subtree somewhere else (same as -o bind)
-M, --moveMove a subtree to some other place
-R, -rbindMount a subtree and all submounts somewhere else
--make-sharedMark a subtree as shared
--make-slaveMark a subtree as slave
--make-privateMark a subtree as private
--make-unbindableMark a subtree as unbindable
--make-rsharedRecursively mark a whole subtree as shared
--make-rslaveRecursively mark a whole subtree as slave
--make-rprivateRecursively mark a whole subtree as private
--make-runbindableRecursively mark a whole subtree as unbindable