mosh <user@hostname>


user@hostnameAddress of remote machine to log into


--help, -hShow help for mosh
--clientMosh client on local machine (default: "mosh-client")
--serverMosh server on remote machine (default: "mosh-server")
--predict <arg>
  • Requires equal sign 🔁
-4Use IPv4 only
-6Use IPv6 only
--family <arg>
  • Requires equal sign 🔁
--port, -pServer-side UDP port or range, (No effect on server-side SSH port)
--bind-server{ssh|any|IP}, ask the server to reply from an IP address, (default: "ssh")
--ssh <command>Ssh command to run when setting up session, (example: "ssh -p 2222")
--no-ssh-ptyDo not allocate a pseudo tty on ssh connection
--no-initDo not send terminal initialization string
--localRun mosh-server locally without using ssh
--experimental-remote-ip <method>Select the method for discovering the remote IP address to use for mosh
--versionVersion and copyright information