Molecule aids in the development and testing of Ansible roles


checkUse the provisioner to perform a Dry-Run (destroy, dependency, create, prepare, converge)
cleanupUse the provisioner to cleanup any changes made to external systems during the stages of testing
convergeUse the provisioner to configure instances (dependency, create, prepare converge)
createUse the provisioner to start the instances
dependencyManage the role's dependencies
destroyUse the provisioner to destroy the instances
driversList drivers
idempotenceUse the provisioner to configure the instances and parse the output to determine idempotence
initInitialize a new role or scenario
lintLint the role (dependency, lint)
listList status of instances
loginLog in to one instance
matrixList matrix of steps used to test instances
prepareUse the provisioner to prepare the instances into a particular starting state
resetReset molecule temporary folders
side-effectUse the provisioner to perform side-effects to the instances
syntaxUse the provisioner to syntax check the role
testTest (dependency, lint, cleanup, destroy, syntax, create, prepare, converge, idempotence, side_effect, verify, cleanup, destroy)


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--versionShow molecule version