Minikube provisions and manages local Kubernetes clusters optimized for development workflows


startStarts a local Kubernetes cluster
statusGets the status of a local Kubernetes cluster
stopStops a running local Kubernetes cluster
deleteDeletes a local Kubernetes cluster
unpauseUnpause Kubernetes
docker-envConfigure environment to use minikube's Docker daemon
podman-envConfigure environment to use minikube's Podman service
cacheAdd, delete, or push a local image into minikube
imageManage images
addonsEnable or disable a minikube addon
configModify persistent configuration values
profileGet or list the current profiles (clusters)
update-contextUpdate kubeconfig in case of an IP or port change
serviceReturns a URL to connect to a service
tunnelConnect to LoadBalancer services
mountMounts the specified directory into minikube
sshLog into the minikube environment (for debugging)
kubectlRun a kubectl binary matching the cluster version
nodeAdd, remove, or list additional nodes
cpCopy the specified file into minikube
ssh-keyRetrieve the ssh identity key path of the specified node
ssh-hostRetrieve the ssh host key of the specified node
ipRetrieves the IP address of the specified node
logsReturns logs to debug a local Kubernetes cluster
update-checkPrint current and latest version number
versionPrint the version of minikube
optionsAdd, remove, or list additional nodes
completionGenerate command completion for a shell