micro [file]

A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor




--pluginManage plugins


--cleanCleans the configuration directory
--config-dir <dir>Specify a custom location for the configuration directory
--optionsShow all option help
--debugEnable debug mode
--versionShow the version number and information
--autoindent <bool>When creating a new line, use the same indentation as the previous line
--autosave <n>Automatically save the buffer every <n> seconds. If set to 0, no autosaving is performed
--autosu <bool>Automatically attempt to use super user privileges to save without asking
--backup <bool>Automatically keep backups of all open buffers
--backupdir <dir>The directory to place backups in
--basename <bool>In the infobar and tabbar, show only the basename of the file being edited rather than the full path
--clipboard <type>Apecifies how the system clipboard should be accessed
--colorcolumn <value>Display a color at the specified column if not set to 0
--colorscheme <scheme>Loads the colorscheme stored in $(configDir)/colorschemes/<scheme>.micro
--cursorline <bool>Highlight the line that the cursor is on in a different color
--diffgutter <bool>Display diff indicators before lines
--divchars <chars>Specifies the divider characters used for the dividing line between vertical/horizontal splits (the first character is for vertical dividers, and the second is for horizontal dividers)
--divreverse <bool>Reverse colors specified by the colorscheme
--encoding <encoding>The encoding to open and save files with
--eofnewline <bool>Automatically add a newline to the end of the file if one does not exist
--fastdirty <bool>Use 'fast dirty' algorithm to determine if a buffer is modified or not
--fileformat <format>Type of line endings to be used for the file
--filetype <type>File type for the current buffer
--ignorecase <bool>Perform case-insensitive searches
--incsearch <bool>Enable incremental search in "Find" prompt
--indentchar <character>Sets the indentation character
--infobar <bool>Enables the line at the bottom of the editor where messages are printed
--keepautoindent <bool>Remove trailing whitespace from a line with no insertions when moving to the next line
--keymenu <bool>Display the nano-style key menu at the bottom of the screen
--matchbrace <bool>Underline matching braces for '()', '{}', '[]' when the cursor is on a brace character
--mkparents <bool>Allow parent directories to be created automatically when opening a file on a path that doesn't exist
--mouse <bool>Enable mouse support
--paste <bool>Treat characters sent from the terminal in a single chunk as a paste event rather than a series of manual key presses
--parsecursor <bool>Parse filenames such as file.txt:10:5 as requesting to open file.txt with the cursor at line 10 and column 5
--permbackup <bool>Cause backups to be permanently saved
--pluginchannels <url...>List of URLs pointing to plugin channels for downloading and installing plugins
--pluginrepos <link...>A list of links to plugin repositories
--readonly <bool>Disallow edits to the buffer
--relativeruler <bool>Make line numbers display relatively
--rmtrailingws <bool>Automatically trim trailing whitespaces at ends of lines
--ruler <bool>Display line numbers
--savecursor <bool>Remember where the cursor was last time the file was opened and put it there when re-opened
--savehistory <bool>Remember command history between closing and re-opening micro
--saveundo <bool>Remember undo state between closing and re-opening a file
--scrollbar <bool>Display a scroll bar
--scrollmargin <margin>Margin at which the view starts scrolling when the cursor approaches the edge of the view
--scrollspeed <number>Number of lines to scroll for one scroll event
--smartpaste <bool>Add leading whitespace when pasting multiple lines
--softwrap <bool>Wrap lines that are too long to fit on the screen
--splitbottom <bool>When a horizontal split is created, create it below the current split
--splitright <bool>When a vertical split is created, create it to the right of the current split
--statusformatl <format>Format string definition for the left-justified part of the statusline
--statusformatr <format>Format string definition for the right-justified part of the statusline
--statusline <bool>Display the status line at the bottom of the screen
--sucmd <command>The super user command
--syntax <bool>Enables syntax highlighting
--tabmovement <bool>Navigate spaces at the beginning of lines as if they are tabs
--tabsize <size>The size in spaces that a tab character should be displayed with
--tabstospaces <bool>Use spaces instead of tabs
--useprimary <bool>Use the primary clipboard to copy selections in the background
--wordwrap <bool>Wrap long lines by words
--xterm <bool>Assume that the terminal conforms to xterm-256color regardless of what the $TERM variable actually contains