man <arg> [arg]

Format and display the on-line manual pages




-C <command>Specify the configuration file to use
-M <command>Specify the list of directories to search (colon separated)
-P <command>Specify the pager program
-B <command>Specify which browser to use for HTML files
-H <command>Specify a command that renders HTML files as text
-S <command>Specify a colon-separated list of manual sections to search
-aOpen every matching page instead of just the first
-cReformat the source page, even when an up-to-date cat-page exists
-dDon't actually display the pages (dry run)
-DBoth display and print debugging info
-fEquivalent to `whatis`
-F,--preformatFormat only, do not display
-hPrint a help message and exit
-kEquivalent to apropos
-KSearch for a given string in all pages
-m <command>Specify an alternate set of pages to search based on the system name given
-p <command>Specify the sequence of preprocessors to run before nroff or troff
-tUse `/usr/bin/groff -Tps -mandoc -c` to format the page
-w,--pathPrint the location of files that would be displayed
-WPrint file locations, one per line