make <target>

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-j <number> <target>
--file, -f, --makefile <file>Read FILE as a makefile
-C, --directory <directory>Change to DIRECTORY before doing anything
-B, --always-make <target>Unconditionally make all targets
-e, --environment-overrides <target>Environment variables override makefiles
-h, --helpPrint this message and exit
-i, --ignore-errorsIgnore errors from commands
-k, --keep-goingKeep going when some targets can't be made
-L, --check-symlink-timesUse the latest mtime between symlinks and target
-p, --print-data-basePrint make's internal database
-q, --questionRun no commands; exit status says if up to date
-r, --no-builtin-rulesDisable the built-in implicit rules
-R, --no-builtin-variablesDisable the built-in variable settings
-t, --touchTouch targets instead of remaking them
-v, --versionPrint the version number of make and exit
-w, --print-directoryPrint the current directory
-dPrint lots of debugging information
--debugPrint various types of debugging information
-I, --include-dir <directory>Search directory for included makefiles
-l, --load-average [N]Don't start multiple jobs unless load is below N
-o, --old-file <file>Consider file to be very old and don't remake it
--no-print-directoryTurn off -w, even if it was turned on implicitly
-W, --what-if, --new-file, --assume-new <file>Consider file to be infinitely new
--warn-undefined-variablesWarn when an undefined variable is referenced
-N, --Next-option <option>Turn on value of next option