maigret <user...>

Maigret is an easy-to-use and powerful OSINT tool for collecting a dossier on a person by username only


userThe username for which you want to search sites


-a, --all-sitesUse all sites for scan
--versionDisplay version information and dependencies
--timeout <Timeout>Time in seconds to wait for response to requests (default {settings.timeout}s). A longer timeout will be more likely to get results from slow sites. On the other hand, this may cause a long delay to gather all results
--retries <Retries>Attempts to restart temporarily failed requests
-n, --max-connections <Connections>Allowed number of concurrent connections (default {settings.max_connections})
--no-recursionDisable recursive search by additional data extracted from pages
--no-extractingDisable parsing pages for additional data and other usernames
--id-type <Type>Specify identifier(s) type (default: username)
--db <DB path>Load Maigret database from a JSON file or HTTP web resource
--cookies-jar-file <Cookie file>File with cookies
--ignore-ids <Ignored ids...>Do not make search by the specified username or other ids
-fo, --folderoutput <Reports path>If using multiple usernames, the output of the results will be saved to this folder
-p, --proxy <Proxy URL>Make requests over a proxy. e.g. socks5://
--tor-proxy <Tor Proxy URL>Specify URL of your Tor gateway. Default is socks5://
--i2p-proxy <I2P URL>Specify URL of your I2P gateway. Default is
--with-domainsEnable (experimental) feature of checking domains on usernames
--tags <Tags...>Specify tags of sites (see `--stats`)
--site <Site name...>Limit analysis to just the specified sites (multiple option)
--use-disabled-sitesUse disabled sites to search (may cause many false positives)
--parse <Parse URL>Parse page by URL and extract username and IDs to use for search
--submit <Site URL>URL of existing profile in new site to submit
--self-checkDo self check for sites and database and disable non-working ones
--statsShow database statistics (most frequent sites engines and tags)
--print-not-foundPrint sites where the username was not found
--print-errorsPrint errors messages: connection, captcha, site country ban, etc
-v, --verboseDisplay extra information and metrics
-info, --vvDisplay extra/service information and metrics
--debug, -vvv, -dDisplay extra/service/debug information and metrics, save responses in debug.log
--no-colorDon't color terminal output
--no-progressbarDon't show progressbar
-T, --txtCreate a TXT report (one report per username)
-C, --csvCreate a CSV report (one report per username)
-H, --htmlCreate an HTML report (one report per username)
-X, --xmindCreate a XMind 8 mindmap report (one report per username)
-P, --pdfCreate a PDF report (one report per username)
-G, --graphCreate a graph report (one report per username)
-J, --json <Type>Generate a JSON report of specific type: simple, ndjson (one report per username)
--reports-sorting <Type>Method of results sorting in reports (default: in order of getting the result)