Swiss Army Knife for macOS


airdropManage AirDrop
appearanceManage appearance
batteryManage battery
bluetoothManage Bluetooth
dirManage directories
diskManage disks
displayManage displays
dnsManage dns
dockManage dock
finderManage finder
firewallManage firewall
flightmodeManage flight mode
gatekeeperManage gatekeeper
groupManage groups
hostnameManage hostname
infoShow system information
helpShow help
itunesManage iTunes
localhostManage localhost
lockLock session
networkManage network
nosleepManage no sleep
notificationManage notification
ntpManage ntp
printerManage printer
restartRestart computer (needs confirmation)
safebootManage safe boot
screensaverManage screensaver
serviceManage service
shutdownShutdown computer (needs confirmation)
sleepPut computer to sleep
timezoneGet current timezone
touchbarManage touchbar
trashManage trash
userManage user
volumeManage volume level
vpnManage VPN connections
wallpaperChange wallpaper
wifiManage wifi


--updateUpdate m-cli to the latest version
--uninstallUninstall m-cli