Control the Lima(Linux virtual machines)


completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
copy, cpCopy files between host and guest
delete, remove, rmDelete an instance of Lima
infoShow diagnostic information
list, lsList instances of Lima
prunePrune garbage objects
shellLima command is provided as an alias for limactl shell $LIMA_INSTANCE. $LIMA_INSTANCE defaults to "default"
show-sshShow the ssh command line
startStart an instance of Lima. If the instance does not exist, open an editor for creating new one, with name "default"
stopStop an instance
sudoersGenerate /etc/sudoers.d/lima file for enabling vmnet.framework support. See /usr/local/share/doc/lima/docs/ for the usage
validateValidate YAML files
helpHelp provides help for any command in the application


-h, --helpHelp for limactl
--debugDebug mode
-v, --versionVersion for limactl