Cloud and docker environments made easy


createCreate a new project using a preset
deployDeploy a local application to a Kool Cloud environment
dockerCreate a new container (a powered up 'docker run')
execExecute a command inside a running service container
infoPrint out information about the local environment
logsDisplay log output from running service containers
presetInstall configuration files customized for Kool in the current directory
recipeAdds configuration for some recipe in the current work directory
restartRestart running service containers (the same as 'kool stop' followed by 'kool start')
runExecute a script defined in kool.yml
self-updateUpdate kool to the latest version
shareLive share your local environment on the Internet using an HTTP tunnel
startStart service containers defined in docker-compose.yml
statusShow the status of all service containers
stopStop and destroy running service containers


--verboseIncreases output verbosity
--help, -hHelp for kool